I am so sorry for letting you jammers down! I missed months of updates! here I am now and the item is the pearl birthstone, its cost? 1,500 gems. Thats pricey! If you have it, and your birthdays in august you should buy it. I wonder what they'll have for december?
now for the daily explorer post!
sorry again. >.< anyway the item is a freedom bunny plushie like all the other freedom items. happy jamming. I am having a party next friday at 3:00 p.m. so feel free to join! ^.^
Sorry I missed some posts. I am here today so todays item is the Freedom Bunny Hat. It costs around 400 gems.
There was a laptop now there's a wooden computer. Its for members and costs around 250 gems.
Beta items return, including the item above. I wonder why they are returning? Anyway, in a secret passage, artic wolves can go in and get a prizes!
Club members now have a chance to become a beta tester for the phantom adventure camp grounds! Let the  Adventures begin! The new item is the bird feeder which costs around 200 gems. I just bought mine today it's in my den if you'd like to visit, then my user: mekale.

 I know secret claw machine spots. go to the sarepia movie theater thing. click on the claw machine then go far into the left. go a little right the click drop. do this 2 times. you will get 2 plushies. now go far right, then a little left. click drop. do this 2 times. then you have 2 more plushies. I have a plushie collection, so if you have some, please trade me!
Phantoms Are Coming! (watch video below)

pet hamsters are now availible to nonmems but are the same price. They clothing stores are still only for members though! :(
new adventures even though members are getting more then nm.
I wonder what they are? 

welcome to my aj blog! I will not be talking about items but about codes, glitches, and other stuff.
here is the list of codes. It's a total of 6700 gems and 6 items have fun!